Jan Kubíček

Another formation

Besides “freeform painting”, Kubíček was also active in other areas of artistic production.

During his studies he earned extra money by inventing and drawing joke strips for newspapers and magazines. All together about fifty were published. The author saved these drawings into his folder of “Merry Pictures”. Kubíček was a man with an original poetic sense of humor.

At the turn of the late 50s and in the 60s he devoted himself to the creation of movie posters, designed book covers and magazines, and general graphic design.

Between 60s to 80s his main source of livelihood was illustration. For many years he collaborated with the Albatros children's books publishing house in Prague. He illustrated books of fairy tales and nursery rhymes (eg. J. Skácel: Jak šel brousek na vandr (1961), J. Kafka: Byli jednou dva (1964), Volá šesté poschodí, A. Zachoděr: Kam se ženou pulci - Puškinovy pohádky (1981). Later he processed topics independently, often applying his own pedagogical principles to cutouts, picture books, puzzles and paper toys.

Between the 60s and the 80s Kubíček became actively involved in photography. For him photography eventually released a formation of solid and peculiar work—elevating Kubíček among Czech photographers.